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Companies working to commercialize innovative, disruptive technologies and products face numerous challenges. These challenges include understanding the dynamics of their marketplace, developing an effective go to market strategy, engaging potential customers and preparing to pursue outside investment. While these are critical steps in a company’s ability to grow, innovate and succeed, the expertise required is often not readily available.

PantherlabWorks accelerates highly creative and motivated innovators through the process of product development, market validation, and team creation. If you are a university-based researcher, an undergraduate or graduate student, a home-based inventor, or a product developer in a new or well-established company, PantherlabWorks can support your entrepreneurial journey.

Working with select clients -- both early stage and innovative existing businesses – throughout the region, PantherlabWorks provides the strategic knowledge and assistance to companies looking to bridge the gap to commercialization that allows great ideas to become commercially viable ones.

Following an initial application and evaluation, clients begin an intensive consulting engagement with the PantherlabWorks team. PantherlabWorks clients are not only involved in consulting engagement, but also are exposed to the various educational and networking opportunities offered by the Institute.

PantherlabWorks develops a unique consulting work plan for each client addressing the various stages of preparation to effectively bring a new product, service or technology to market.


“As an entrepreneur developing a new software technology, I face the ongoing challenges of growing a small company. PantherlabWorks has been a constant guide and invaluable sounding board in helping to develop a strategy around the launch of my product and to position by company to raise the seed funding necessary to grow my business. I continue to use PantherlabWorks and the Institute.”

                                      Mike Ressler, Founder/CEO of StatEasy Sports



PantherlabWorks Business Development and Consulting Process

Product & Experience Overview

Gain a strong understanding of the product and layout a custom roadmap for client engagement and the development of a commercialization strategy.

  • Engagement and Communication Plan
  • Custom Client Roadmap
  • Product and Company SWOT Analysis
  • Connectivity Grid Development

Market Analysis

Develop a strong understanding of market factors, both internal and external, that will need to be addressed through the development of a marketing strategy for the products.

  • Comprehensive Market Analysis Report
  • Competitive Analysis and Assessment
  • Client Industry Research Plan

Business Model Development

Connecting the dots; bring the market factors together with product capabilities to define a comprehensive Go-To-Market strategy.

  • Business Model Canvas
  • Strategic Marketing Plan/Early Adopter Strategy
  • Client Business Plan Development

Financial Roadmap

Develop a functional and adaptable financial model that can convey the growth projection and the resource requirements of the client’s firm.

  • Pro Forma Financial Analysis
  • Funding Roadmap & Timeline
  • Funding Strategy


Clients also have access to supporting activities and resources through PantherlabWorks. These include access to mentors, subject matter experts, test customers, introductions to the financing community and the opportunity to leverage the Institute’s network for early customer/test customer development.

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