Information Technology Program

Transform your company with the power of Information Technology. Companies of all types and budgets benefit from our consulting. Our powerful impact since 2007 includes more than 400 clients receiving 5,000 hours of consulting.

 Companies like yours have Information Technology systems embedded in many aspects of operations: internal communication, sales processes, inventory control and management, customer relations, risk management...and many more.

Are you confident that your current technology platforms and systems are designed to meet your needs and strategic goals?

The Institute for Entrepreneurial Excellence has the expertise to help your company evolve your current technology platforms and strategically incorporate new ones. The results? IT systems that are a source of strength and a competitive advantage for your business today and tomorrow.

Leverage IT strategies to outperform the competition

  • Align IT goals with your company's overall strategic plan
  • Deploy IT systems that support increased revenue and profitability

Create operational integration

  • Streamline your information systems to achieve maximal synergy and output
  • Strategically incorporate upgrades that dramatically improve efficiency

Analyze your current IT investments to guide and plan for the future

  • Assess Web site effectiveness, social media usage, and e-marketing expenditures
  • Understand integration of software and hardware components, mobile connectivity, and company-wide information systems

Fees are determined on a per-project basis. It's a small price to pay for advice that leads to:

  • System enhancements providing business information that is always secure and accessible
  • Reduction in bottlenecks and improvements in system efficiency
  • Access to vendors and specific systems that can integrate processes across departments
  • Review of emerging technologies that can help accelerate company goals
  • Creation of customer-centric Web sites and social media that improve the bottom line

The Institute is brand and product neutral. We help evaluate all solutions and help you pick the best one that meets your strategic goals, while also understanding your budget and timeline.

Robert Stein is the director of the Institute's Information Technology Program. He is a nationally renowned innovator and advisor in the technology industry, as well as the founder of Active Network, Inc. (, an online publication for Microsoft products and technologies. Most recently, Stein was recognized as a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional for the eighth year in a row. He was also named to Microsoft's Office visionary board to advise the company on its development of evolving applications for Office, SharePoint, and Cloud.

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